Town Hall Contract

HUNT Building is an NFT that acts as a base engine for Web3 builders on Hunt Town. You can mint a Building NFT by locking up 1,000 HUNT tokens via the Town Hall Contract. The HUNT tokens are locked up for one year in the NFT, and it can be reclaimed by burning the NFT after the lock-up period. Once you verify the ownership of building NFTs, you can earn BUILD Points in the Hunt Town Discord group. BUILD Point is a cashless point that everyone on Hunt Town uses for their Web3 collaborations. Having more building NFTs will give you the chance to earn more BUILD points.

Summary of the Town Hall Contract:

  • 1 Building NFT can be minted by locking up 1,000 HUNT tokens (we call this “Building”).

  • The lock-up period is 1 year.

  • Within the lock-up period, the tokens are kept within the contract address and no one can access them. When someone tries to burn the Building within the lock-up period, the transaction request will be automatically reverted.

  • After the lock-up period, the holder can burn his/her Building to get the 1,000 HUNT tokens back.

  • Building is an ERC721-based token issued on the Ethereum network.

  • You can own multiple Buildings.

  • Via the Hunt Town Discord, you can earn daily BUILD Points after verifying your Building NFT holdings.

For more information about minting a Building NFT, please read Minting a Building NFT.

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