What is Hunt Town?

Hunt Town is a Web3 builders guild where builders come together to contribute to the expansion of Web3 culture and products. This is a Web3 builders private guild for people who are involved in creating/operating apps, services, tools, platforms, communities, or any type of projects that are based on the Web3 ecosystem.

By creating a Web3 builders guild, Hunt Town is creating an engine to empower the builders’ activities and projects. Their co-building actions via Hunt Town are powered by the Town Hall Contract and BUILD Point system.

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Why do we need this?

Being a founder or a member of a Web3 project is a challenging task due to the lack of industrial level experience and legal support on the Web3 system. It’s like constructing a road when you can only see five metres ahead of you on a foggy morning.

What if we could create a private guild for Web3 builders where they could co-work, help each other, share resources, and form cross-teams for each of their projects? What if we could shape a non-legally mandated association of Web3 builders who are involved in the acts of creating/operating apps, services, tools, platforms, communities, or any type of projects that are based on the Web3 ecosystem?

That’s what we’re creating! A Web3 builders guild with a simple but adjusted ownership model with the combination of fungible and non-fungible tokens.

A Building that helps you BUILD

Hunt Town is a private guild that requires a Building NFT, minted by locking up 1,000 HUNT tokens. The HUNT tokens are just a binding token that is locked in the Building NFT, it's not a payment for funding the team or the project. Once the one-year lock-up period finishes, you can get the locked-up HUNT tokens back by burning the Building NFT.

With the Building NFT you own, you will be able to co-work with other Web3 builders to build your own Web3 project or participate in other projects too. Being an active guild member can give you chances to:

  1. Earn BUILD points that can maximise your building activities in the Hunt Town guild.

  2. Have better access to Hunt Town tools such as Dixel Club ( and Mint Club (

  3. Collect more Building NFTs that contain more HUNT tokens and give you more power to utilise Hunt Town guild.

This guild system is designed to combine the interactions of different projects on different blockchain platforms in the Hunt Town guild to create unified value in the community without requiring a complicated token bridge/platform.

This is a bold and exciting move to bring Web3 to the forefront. So let’s jump into Hunt Town right away!

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