Hunt Town Discord

Become an Early Builder

Hunt Town Discord is an invitation-only channel for people who own at least one HUNT Building NFT. In order to be invited to the Discord group, you need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Own at least one Building NFT via the OpenSea marketplace or the HUNT Building NFT minting interface.

  2. Submit the Google form -

Onboarding Guide

1. Create your builder profile

Click the create button in this #welcome channel and make a profile that will be displayed via the #builder-profiles channel. You can update yours here anytime you want.

Also, the profiles will be mirrored on under the "Web3 builders directory" section. If you want to opt-out, please comment in this thread.

2. Verify your Building NFT

Go to the #verify-building channel and enable this Discord server to recognise your Building NFT ownerships. Check out the following guide if you need more detailed information.

pageBuilding NFT Verification Guide

3. Earn BUILD points

Builders can co-work by using the BUILD points in this Discord channel. Verified builders (who hold Building NFTs which are verified as above) will earn BUILD points that are automatically distributed by a Town Discord Bot everyday at 00:00 UTC. Please read the distribution rules below.

pageBUILD Point

4. Join the Weekly Raffle event!

Every week via the #raffle channel there will be 1 Building NFT airdrop that everyone can join by purchasing a raffle event ticket by using your BUILD points. One raffle ticket requires 10 BUILD points. Buying more tickets will increase your chances of winning the raffle.

Check below for more details.

pageWeekly Raffle

5. Commands you can use in this server

/show → View your Building NFTs and BUILD point information, or that of a specific member by including their username. /profile → View your profile information, or that of a specific member by including their username. /give → Send BUILD points to other members. /raffle purchase → Purchase a ticket to join the weekly Building NFT raffle event. /raffle list → Check the current status of the weekly raffle event. /mochi → Utilize the Mochi bot powered by the ChatGPT solution to ask any question.

6. Channel information

In the Hunt Town Discord, there are three categories that you will see after you complete the profile generation and verification of your Building NFT ownership.


#builder-profile: You can check out builders profiles including yours. Feel free to say hi to other builders and leave comments. If you want to update your profile, please go to the #welcome channel and click the Create / Update Profile button.

#verify-building: You can verify your Building NFT ownership by clicking the Verify button. Please remember that you must perform this again (to recognise any new Buildings) if you get more Building NFTs after your last verification.


#builder-house: This is a public chat channel. You can chat with other builders and also type some commands here.

#raffle: The Weekly Building NFT Raffle event will be performed via this channel. Please read this document for more information about the raffle - Weekly Building NFT Raffle

#pro-tips: You can post some tips or knowledge that you want to share with other builders in this forum. Feel free to comment on the tips that other builders shared too.

#questions-answers: This is the perfect place when you need help from other builders or want to help others. You can post questions related to your Web3 building activities. Please try to answer other builders' questions.


#quest-board: You can post tasks with bounty rewards of BUILD points or Building NFTs or join other builder’s tasks. Please be respectful of each other and do not try to abuse other people’s bounty rewards.

#idea-lab: Builders can share some project ideas in this channel to seek other builders' opinions or see if there are potential builders to team up with.

#hackathon: You can find interesting hackathons for Web3 builders in this channel. You can share existing hackathons or host your own one targeting Hunt Town builders by posting yours.

#team-up: If you’re looking for builders to work with, you can use this channel to share the details about your teamwork.

#show-your-product: Please share your product in this channel so that you can get some feedback from other builders and explore chances to collaborate with each other.


#build-factory: The Town BOT distributes BUILD points to the verified builders everyday at 00:00 UTC in this channel.

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