Burning a Building NFT

Minting 1 HUNT Building NFT requires 1,000 HUNT tokens to be locked-up for one year. After this lock-up period, the NFT holder can burn his/her Building NFT and the 1,000 HUNT tokens will be returned to the person who burned the NFT (directly to the holder’s Ethereum wallet). In other words, the Building NFT can only be burned after the lock-up period is fully completed. The burning transaction request will fail if the lock-up period is not finished yet.

The burning of your Building NFT can be performed via the My Buildings page (the button will be displayed in the top navigation section after you connect your wallet). In that page, you can see all the Building NFTs that you currently own. During the Building NFT lock-up period, a counter shows how much time is left until the unlockable time.

You can burn a Building NFT that has finished its lock-up period by clicking the Burn to unlock button. After the burning transaction is completed, you can get the 1,000 HUNT tokens that were locked in the Building NFT back and the NFT will be burned permanently.

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