Web3 builders on Hunt Town can co-work on their Web3 projects by using the BUILD Point system. Hunt Town members who hold HUNT Building NFTs can earn BUILD Points automatically distributed by a Town Discord Bot everyday. BUILD Point has no cash value and it is not possible to purchase or pre-mine. The only way to earn BUILD Points is to verify the ownership of HUNT Building NFTs on the Hunt Town Discord. No one, including the team, can earn BUILD Points in any way other than earning them from the Town Bot daily distribution system.

The following cases are some examples of how you can use BUILD Points in Hunt Town:

  • Tipping among builders

  • Purchasing event tickets and receiving discounts for various Web3 services

  • Running reward-based marketing tasks or freelance jobs

  • Asking technical questions

  • Buying raffle tickets to win Building NFT memberships

  • Accessing paid tools, such as GPT-4 and Email Finder

  • Requesting coffee chats with other builders

The rate of daily earning BUILD points varies based on how many buildings you own:

  • 1 Building - 10 BUILD / day

  • 3 Buildings - 30 BUILD / day

  • 5 Buildings - 60 BUILD / day

  • 10 Buildings - 130 BUILD / day

  • 30 Buildings - 400 BUILD / day

  • 50 Buildings - 700 BUILD / day

  • 100 Buildings - 1500 BUILD / day

In order to prevent a point discrepancy among old and new members and to promote continued activities in the community, all BUILD points reset on the 1st day of every month. In other words, the balance of all members, including the core team, will become zero on the first day of the month which brings everyone’s daily earnings to the same level again. The left-over BUILD points at the end of the month won’t be carried over to the next month.

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